Sticker Promotions – Promoted Products

On the, we have thousands of products organised into collections. Within each collection we have ‘promoted products’. These appear at the top of a collection and are tagged with one of the following stickers:

Best Sellers

Gifts tagged with the ‘Best Seller’ sticker are some of our fastest selling and most popular products. A best seller generally represents great value for money, features and print area availability.

Budget Specials

Our purchasing volumes allow us to offer special offers from time to time. Gifts tagged ‘Budget Specials’ provide excellent value for money and extremely competitive pricing.

Express Delivery Products

When you need gifts in a hurry look for ‘Express Delivery’ tagged gifts. These are generally available within a short time frame of 1-5 working days or even 24-48 hours.

WOW Factor Items

Looking to make a dramatic impact? Then search out our ‘WOW Factor’ tagged gifts. These are not your every day items and have a unique style, design and/or functionality and features.

Free Artwork and Origination

If you are looking to save costs then look for ‘Free Artwork’ tagged gifts. Free Artwork means no charge for origination and we take care of the generation of your Vector artwork file – all done in-house by the Redbows Design Studio.

What’s New

Want to stay ahead of the market? Look up our ’What’s New’ tagged gifts. These change constantly as we add more of the latest products to the Promotional Gifts Store.

Eco Products

If you want an environmentally friendly alternative promotional gift, then look for ‘ECO’ tagged products. These will be manufactured from recycled, reclaimed or environmentally farmed materials.

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