Printed Promotional Sport Collection

We have a wide range of sports promotional products to choose from to reach a wide range of possible audiences. Call us today to find out how promotional sports products can help to promote your organisation or business and keep your organisation’s logo in front of your clients. Sample products are available on request. We can let you know which of our best selling products can meet your budget and quantity requirements.



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Sport is a massive part of our everyday lives, from football news, to the Olympics, both male and female all have a love for a sporting event in one way or another. This could be through their love for supporting a team or taking part themselves, promoting an active lifestyle is becoming more and more popular in today’s dynamic society.

Sporting events, and promoting at one are lots of fun. Bringing a fun element to the event with a promotional gift that’s bears your brand can leave a lasting impression on everyone taking part. That feel good vibe will always stay with them and then when you give a gift at an event that a lot of people have positive memories of, the generosity shown will in fact always never be forgotten.

A Hole In One

Corporate golf items can tee you off to a great start with new companies. Golf is a sport enjoyed by a lot of individuals in the business sector so making your mark on their favourite past-time will certainly earn you brownie points. As a promotional item, it is hard to find a more cost effective promotional gift than golf balls, as the re-use value is so high. If you give someone a pack of Titleist or Callaway balls with your logo on, you can guarantee they’ll be considered in high esteem by your client and re-used for future rounds. More importantly, when they are re-used it’ll be your logo or promotional message that will be used as the differentiating factor, so you’ll get some extra publicity with every round! High quality promotional golf balls represent a gift that, to the golf enthusiast, will never be forgotten.

Silicon Wristbands

Growing in popularity and style, these silicon wristbands make great and inexpensive gifts that can be shared with not only the team and its staff, but with the crowd of spectators as well. Available in the colours blue, green, red, and pink these wristbands will definitely show off a person’s pride in their favourite sports team.

Water Bottles

Choosing promotional sports bottles for inclusion in your marketing giveaway campaign is always a great choice. They’re available in a wide range of colours, sizes and styles and provide a certain visibility other marketing promotions might not deliver. They’re break resistant, affordable and they’re always a favourite as a giveaway item, as recipients can reuse them time and time again.

Make Some Noise With Promotional Whistles

Promotional whistles are sure to get noticed! The very nature of the whistle is to draw people towards the blower, and there could not be a better way to convey that you are a company that people need to pay attention to. Use them to promote team spirit, even in the office.