Sales on Rails

This website was launched in January 2008 and uses a new development in e-commerce applications called Sales on Rails. The software package was developed by Incutio who are a leading website software and internet marketing company in the UK, staffed by wonderful people who really understand search engines and how the internet works.

Our website “skin” and graphics were produced by BaaBaa Design – a creatively gifted, marketing design agency with a real flair and passion for design.


All our products are arranged into Collections. These are essentially promotional items grouped by their theme and are shown in the red navigation bar that can be found on each page. Collections range from Clothes to Travel items. In More>> we have a general catch all for a number of items that do not fit into the standard ones.

Within each Collection are sub-collections which provide a further level of drill-down to give a finer selection. Products can also be found via our drop down menus and the Budget Calculator as well as the A-Z index and Sitemap.

We have tried to make the website easy to navigate and intuitive in a Web2.0 mode. Breadcrumbs are included on the product pages which combined with the other navigational aids should make it easy for you to find what you want.


Redbows has always enjoyed a great interaction with its clients. This new website is designed to provide an even greater service and promotional gifts experience.

If you want to help us to improve the website, then please send us any suggestions or comments. These can be sent to

If we implement your ideas or action your comments we will send you a nice Thorntons “thank you” and a promotional discount for a future order.

Thank you.

Dawn Koffler, Managing Director