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Promotional Gifts QR Code

A QR Code is a two-dimensional matrix barcode that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers, iPhones, PDAs and other intelligent camera equipped devices. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern. QR codes can be generated for websites, text, phone numbers and SMS messages. The QR code image above is the QR code for the Promotional Gifts Store. If you scan our QR code from an iPhone, for example (with the appropriate application), your iPhone will open Safari (normally set as the default internet browser from Apple) and display our website page.

Generating a QR Code

To generate a QR code, simply access a QR Code Generator website and follow their instructions. At Redbows we use All you have to do is select ‘website’, input your full website address, select the size you want and then press ‘Generate’. The image created will generally be a .png file which can then be used on promotional and marketing communications materials. Some more sophisticated packages allow you to manipulate the image slightly so that it contains your company name. The BBC QR Code is a classic example of this.

Using QR Codes on Promotional Materials

More clients are now asking for QR codes to be printed as part of their artwork onto their promotional merchandise. Provided the product has a suitable imprint area, the use of a QR code on promotional gifts can be very effective and quite novel as an up and coming trend. To meet our Artwork Guidelines for promotional gifts, we would simply redraw the image as an Adobe Vector file.

Use of QR Codes in Organisations

QR Codes can be easily shared and distributed within an organisation and help to overcome the issue of input error when typing a website address. Please feel free to send the URL of this page to your contacts, so that they can use our website QR code inside their organisations and for easy reference. Alternatively please use our social media links to bookmark and share this page.

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