Printed Promotional Multifunction Pens Collection

Promotional multifunction pens are great items to give to customers who have a need for items that play more than one role.

Multifunction pens are a step up from the average promotional pen. With the ability to switch from pen to pencil, different colors of ink, or even turn on a laser, these pens are something that people will actually use. Our company offers a number of styles and colors of multifunctional pens that your company can be proud to give away. However, the prices are low enough that you’ll never have to worry about busting the budget. For example, a metal pen that features red and black ink as well as a mechanical pencil can be purchased for as low as 0.51 pounds each. That’s an excellent price point for such a nice gift. These pens can be given out during the holidays, customer appreciation events, and other special occasions. Look at the selection we offer and choose the best style for your target market. If you’d like suggestions, contact our sales department.