Promotional Flash Drives and USB Memory Sticks

There are a variety of promotional flash drives you can use as promotional products to get your company noticed and taken seriously.

Pod Flashdrives

Pod Flashdrives

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Flash drives offer a certain level of convenience for people who want to store information and have it available to them where ever they go. If you think this is outdated technology because of cloud storage, think again. Many people are unable to use cloud storage because they are at work or on someone else’s computer. Even if they are able to, promotional flash drives are great for storing parts of the data on the computer and using it when you get on someone else’s computer without even having to access the Internet. They are also used to transfer gaming information from one gaming system to the other, something you just cannot do with cloud storage.

Looking to increase the exposure of your company brand, get new customers, re-open relationships with current clients or to distribute pre-loaded information like sales brochures, presentation files or press releases then look no further than USB flash drives.

In today’s society a computer is a life necessity. Whether we are at home browsing social media sights or at work utilising Microsoft programmes to carry out every day work requirements, a computer is our life line. Simply put, computers are the essence of modern technology. People rely on them in their everyday lives. With modern technology advancing at such a rate, there are now computers in cars, offices, schools, homes and in just about every corner. Ultimately giving away a modern product for campaigning purposes gives the impression that you are a modern company, and in today’s fast developing society, a guaranteed bonus don’t you think?

When thinking about a promotional gift that will grab the attention of its beholder, one of the main things you address is practicality. Will this item be used? A gift that is guaranteed to be useful and a sure-fire success is a USB flash drive. Why you ask would a client respond so favourably? Because computers are a daily part of life for most people, both at home or at work, and USB drives are useful tools for those who utilise computers. One of the main reasons people will gratefully receive a giveaway is when the item is ‘useful’ to them. The purpose being, you want this product to be used, remembered and a long life span so your brand is always at their fingertips. The benefits are endless when giving out flash drives at events or meetings, brand exposure creating client loyalty, and ultimately resulting in company sales.

Flashdrives come in a variety of shapes and sizes, which make the possibility of creating a unique style fit for your brand endless. Creating something unique will ensure that your client will remember the item and also the brand associated with it. It has been proven that

The USB interface has become one of the most common ways to connect an electronic device to virtually any type of computer. Netbooks, laptops, Ipads, and desktop computers all feature multiple USB ports, and it is not uncommon to see at least three USB ports on even the smallest netbooks. This means that a USB drive can be plugged into almost any type of computer that a user might have. Research shows that usefulness is again apparent as the key reason why people keep products, with those being kept for at least a year with USB sticks at top with 63per cent. Many users are taking full advantage of the great blend of performance and convenience that USB flashdrives offer. The small size and durability of flashdrives make them great on the go, while their large memory capacities make them suitable for a variety of uses. All in all a perfect promotional gift!

With a team of promotional gift experts on hand, your designated account manager can assure to give you the best advice, price and customer service, to ensure your marketing campaign is a great success.