Printed Promotional Emergency Kits Collection

Personalised emergency car kits for promotional campaigns are a unique way to promote your organisation. These emergency car kits can all be branded with your logo and imprint and provide a really useful set of safety items for any vehicle user or automobile type marketing campaign. Longevity is the keyword here with printed emergency car kits because they will be kept by the recipient for years to come and carried with them in their cars, vans, lorries, coaches and whatever other form of transport they use. Car kits like these are for emergencies but will always be where they need to be and their owners will always recall the brand on them and who sent it to them. That’s marketing perfection.

Car emergency kits are perfect for showing customers who much you care about their personal well-being. If you want to have your brand recognition to include being the customer’s champion and ready to help in a crisis, then this is the ideal gift for your company to give preferred customers and prospects. Including a torch, wrenches and other tools, a car emergency kit – with your imprinted logo – will there to save your grateful customer should they have any trouble on the road. It’s a gift you will be sure to be thanked for.