Put A Date In Your Diary This Autumn

Published by Robin Koffler on 27th September 2016

Academic Student Diaries

Autumn is always one of the busiest times of years for our promotional marketing team. There are a host of exhibitions and seminars to plan for with clients, who are also gearing up for Christmas promotions and preparing their marketing plans for next year.

Calendars and diaries are always big sellers this time of year. Wall and desk calendars remain hot favourites and their appeal is wide ranging. Our promotional calendars provide a unique advertising channel through which to promote your company or organisation.

Desktop calendars in particular are a ‘hot product’ and tick the boxes when it comes to promotional gifts. They provide a useful function and keep your name and contact details within desktop view every working day. They are especially useful in service and sales and time related environments where appointment planning is a priority.

Promotional diaries are also still a big hit with clients. You would think that with smart mobile phones, tablet computing and easy access to synchronising diaries across gadgets that the day of the promotional diary had gone. Wrong! We have many clients you still like to send out diaries as a personalised gift for their clients and the range is ever widening thanks to new print techniques and materials.

There are several types of diary available from pocket diaries to larger desktop, A4 and A5 diaries. What makes diaries work as a promotional gift is their functionality and use in meetings and during a working day. Diaries are also promoted as higher-end merchandise. One of the reasons for this is the quality of the product itself and its cover, which an even be supplied with a leatherette finish and embossed in silver or gold with your logo. We can also provide student diaries with toughened plastic covers in a range of stunning colours and designs.

The earliest use of a calendar dates back to the Bronze Age and though their form has changed, calendars and diaries are still a useful device for tracking time and planning future events. Whatever your marketing plans for 2017 we recommend that you give some thought to promotional calendars and diaries but you need to act fast. The majority of calendars and diaries are printed at this time of year and tend to be sent out to clients well in advance of December. If you want your clients to use yours, get in early.

Written by Dawn Koffler.

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