The Chester Business Show

Published by Robin Koffler on 1st October 2016

Chester Business Show

This week we are exhibiting at the Chester Business Show. I really do enjoy regional shows as they give you the chance to really connect with local businesses and see what’s going on in your area.

Doing some research this week I noticed another change in Google – the option to refine and list local search results. Google like all of us, is trying I guess to support local business and this matters in this day and age.

The internet is such a powerful tool. With it you can reach companies anywhere in the world, source information and make a purchase. The issue is one of quality and trust. For established businesses this can be easier to demonstrate. A company like Redbows has been around for more than 10 years and has thousands of happy clients with some really good testimonials and case studies to back this up.

New start-ups can struggle with this and so it’s important to kick-off a new business properly from the start. A website and brochure are important, membership of industry bodies and being able to demonstrate credibility can be paramount to those first hard to get sales. Then it’s a process of building your management systems and reputation. Deliver what you say you will, when you say, at the agreed price and make sure your clients are happy.

This is something we have always worked on at Redbows. We’ve learnt some hard lessons along the way and often comment that business is a journey from ‘A to B but sometimes via C’. You can’t always predict what will happen but you can be ready to adapt to what’s around you.

I am really looking forward to meeting those businesses and people attending the show next week. It’s great to share stories and ideas and I always come away from these events inspired to boost our own marketing efforts and push ourselves that little bit more to develop what we do.

If you’re in the Chester area on Thursday October 6th please do pop along to the Racecourse and visit us at the Chester Business Show. We would love to see you and have some nice giveaways and catalogues to help you plan your next marketing event.

Written by Dawn Koffler.

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