Using Power Banks For Mobile Phone Promotions

Published by Robin Koffler on 13th January 2015

Promotional Power Banks

Power Banks are one of the ‘hottest’ products within the promo industry. Power Banks branded with your logo tick all the right boxes when it comes to marketing your company.

What is a Power Bank? Basically Power Banks are user-chargeable and reusable batteries for your mobile phone or tablet. They are extremely portable and can generally recharge a mobile like an iPhone 6 or iPad within a short period of time. The Power Bank has a connector socket into which you plug your mobile phone or tablet device to recharge it. To recharge the Power Bank just connect it to your PC USB port or USB socket plug and it will recharge. Some Power Banks have a built-in LED that lights red for discharging and green or blue for charging. It generally takes about an hour or more to recharge the Power Bank.

In terms of branding for promotional marketing, Power Banks come in all shapes and sizes but all can generally be printed with your logo. They are generally packaged and shipped within individual cardboard packaging and bulk-packed.

Power Banks also vary in size and shape and can be credit card sized, cylinders or rectangular blocks. They are the must-have product of choice for every one who relies on their mobiles and tablets during the working day or evening social.

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Written by Dawn Koffler.

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