Yearly Planners and Calendars For The New Year

Published by Robin Koffler on 11th November 2015

Christmas is looming, the nights draw in and the hanging baskets start to fade a little, our attention turns to

With all this calendar and diary technology accessible on our phones to help prioritise our time and remind us of important dates it still amazes me that we always want to turn to a paper calendar. Sometimes it’s a wall calendar, sometimes a desk calendar or even a pocket diary. I often wonder why and can only surmise as human beings we still think with our eyes first and like the impact or impression that a good photo on a wall or desk calendar can make. The way the calendar shows us the complete month is somehow easier for our brains to process than the same information on a computer, tablet or mobile screen.

When we look to forking out for our promotional material, we want to ensure that the money spent, is money well invested, and it is guaranteed to make a positive impact, or more importantly, increase your sales and brand loyalty. We want a promotional gift that lasts; a chocolate is merely around for a second, a calendar however is all year round, which ensures brand exposure.

What’s more we find in the promotional merchandising industry is that calendars especially are still very much in demand. However, we see a growing trend for desktop calendars and holiday charts in time-sensitive businesses. There is something reassuring when you have a lot of Windows open on your PC, to be able to reach for a paper-based calendar when you are on the phone and looking to book a meeting, appointment or visit, or more importantly, to note down those ever important planned holiday days!

When your business is looking for a promotional way to ring in the New Year, start early and begin putting together your promotional calendar order with Redbows. We have many varieties and options for promotional calendars to help you promote your business throughout the coming year. Shopping early is always a wise choice for holiday promotional items because you want to have your products on hand in time to dispense them in advance of the holiday. After all who needs a new year calendar in February? The ideal time to begin creating the perfect promotional calendar, is now!

Written by Dawn Koffler.

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