Finding The Right Promotional Goods Supplier

Published by Robin Koffler on 28th February 2015

The world of promotional gifts is one where you can buy similar goods from a wide selection of suppliers. In the old days, you would find a promotional gifts supplier through the yellow pages. Today it’s all about the internet, networking and social media marketing.

You an literally find hundreds of promotional goods suppliers to get prices but how do you sort the wheat from the chaff and find the right one to work with. There are several signposts that can help you.

Firstly, the British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) does an excellent job policing and certifying both its member distributors and supplies. Suppliers are the manufacturers and importers. Distributors are companies like Redbows that work with the end user direct as clients.

Redbows for example is a BPMA Charter Distributor. This means that the company is not only a promotional goods supplier who has signed up to join the BPMA. Redbows has also signed up to work to a code of practice and uphold the best practices of the BPMA.

Client testimonials and reviews services are also a good sign that the promotions company you are thinking of working with is a sound one. It is relatively easy to get testimonials for promotional goods as clients are often marketers themselves and understand the true value of a positive comment. Furthermore, our clients are genuinely delighted, by the goods we supply and the customer service we provide. On-line review services are growing in importance in the promotional goods industry and especially for on-line ecommerce sites. If you can see a health wodge of positive reviews and ones that are fairly recent you know you have found a good promotional goods supplier to work with.

Quality and Environmental Management Systems standards like ISO9001 and ISO14001 are another indicator that the supplier has some worth. Look for these logos on their website and ask them if they have any other types of policies that could be of interest to a prospective client like Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility policies.

There are other indicators including financial ones of course. At the end of the day however ‘people buy from people’. If you like what you hear and they seem professional you are a good way down the road to choosing them as your promotional goods supplier. Just remember to check as much as you can before placing an order as often you will be working to a very tight deadline and in the world of promotional goods you rarely have the opportunity or time to get it wrong.

Our motto at Redbows is ‘right first time, on time and to budget’. This has served us well over the last ten years and is why we have developed such loyal client base and reputation in the industry.

Written by Dawn Koffler.

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