Adding Value Through Bespoke Promotional Goods

Published by Robin Koffler on 27th March 2015

The promotional goods industry is one where standardisation and technology have been applied to smooth processes, on-line ordering and reduce costs. The problem these days is that there is still a need for bespoke goods to meet a specific client brief and marketing campaign.

At Redbows we can supply well over 100,000 different promotional goods types. Often we source these from well known manufacturers who have invested heavily in their manufacturing technologies to deliver the lowest possible unit costs and best overall quality. The problem is that their production lines are geared to volume and often they run multiple jobs at the same time to get the costs down and make their profit.

Occasionally Redbows is asked to deliver a bespoke promotional product and these can prove to be a challenge but not an impossible one. In fact bespoke promotional goods can often add more value to a marketing campaign than a standard product.

Take for example flash drives or stress relievers. If the product has a plastic or foam type container we can often get a bespoke version manufactured. There are ways to produce a custom mould for short production runs. 3D modelling photography and technology means that we can often achieve bespoke production runs in a fairly short time frame from initial enquiry to delivery (4-6 weeks) and for some product types even sooner. Paper products and folders are another classic example of a product that can have a client specific bespoke design.

For clients bespoke promotional goods really can deliver a marketing impact. Often clients ask us for something unique because they do not want to use the same pen or mug that they have seen a competitor use. The product in question may have a different logo and colour but it is still the same product available to the mass market and for any promotional goods distributor to recommend.

For promotional goods suppliers like Redbows ‘bespoke’ provides us with that added opportunity to differentiate ourselves and deliver added value to our clients. It is an area of the business we continue to develop as it really does add value to our client’s marketing communications and can deliver an impact that can result in a much higher return on investment for their marketing spend.

Written by Dawn Koffler.

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