It's Never Too Early For Advent Calendars

Published by Robin Koffler on 2nd September 2015

Personalised Advent Calendars

With the last bank holiday for the year now behind us, the feeling over summer slowly start to become a distant memory. The leaves start to fall and the colder, darker months are soon upon us and that ultimately means Christmas is just around the corner and it’s really time to start thinking about how you want to give something back to say thank you this festive period.

You might think there’s plenty of time yet, but a lot of people get an early start with their Christmas shopping in November. Your promotional marketing actions should be active by then to capture new clients. One of the most effective and attractive promotions this time of year are bespoke advent calendars. Who doesn’t like to feel like a child and get a chocolate each morning while counting down the days to Christmas?

When it comes to this joyous period, a marketing campaign set to count in your clients to the festive fun is always a great way to create that marketing buzz around your brand. Everyone loves Christmas, so giving in a time of giving never goes unnoticed. Advent calendars are a superb way of engaging your clients to ensure that it is successful in brand recognition. When you give away a promotional item, you are not only exposing your brand to the recipient, but also the people who they come into contact with. Whether this is in the home of the receiver or they can create a buzz in the office as they sit on the recipient’s desk when they open each door to find a delicate sweet treat, this will further promote your brand to a wider audience and to a whole new company and potential new clients.

If you want to present daily or weekly promotions up until Christmas, prepare these behind each window to keep the anticipation for the full advent period. In this way your participants will be attentive because they will see that a variety of actions have been prepared. Like a child asking for chocolate, allow your customers and followers to visit the link again and again to keep tabs of the planned and active promotions with chances to win prizes. It’s a great way to guarantee brand loyalty with these types of promotional campaigns.

Giving a quality gift to your clients at Christmas really shows a sense of gratitude and appreciation for their loyalty throughout the year. Chocolate has always been a popular gift, it’s loved by all ages, and Redbows offers a large array of quality chocolate fillings for your advent calendars from Lindt to Toblerone. It goes without saying, when we are appreciated, it isn’t overlooked. Giving back to clients that spend with your company is one of the best ways to keep their attention, their loyalty and more importantly their business.

Bespoke advent calendars are just one of a number of custom products we offer on the PromotionalGiftsStore. We can part-personalise with an imprint onto a predefined template or fully customise with a complete print of your artwork onto the outer card packaging. For more information on our bespoke promotional products and advent calendars, please call us on 0800 158 3080.

Written by Dawn Koffler.

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