Marketing Gadgets For the Apple iPhone 7

Published by Robin Koffler on 11th September 2016

Apple Mobile Phone Gadgets

You see from a personal point of view there was something very comforting about earphones that you connected via a wire to your iPhone in that you could not lose them. Go out for a jog, walk or just sat somewhere listening to music. When you’ve finished take off the earphones and put the phone down. Now, if I upgrade to the Apple iPhone 7 potentially we’ve got three things to lose: the phone (which some days always tries to sneak in a game of hide-and-seek) and two earphones. What’s more these earphones need charging and at some point and even if I wanted to use my old earphone set I’ve got to spend around £40 on a lightning socket adapter.

So I’m not so sure I will be moving to the iPhone 7 and hold on one more moment Mr Apple. Why not introduce some more ‘girly’ colours? Not everyone wants matt or gloss black. I think the market research team need to back to the board on this one alone.

However on the positive at least the battery should be good (unlike the recent Samsung Galaxy 7 recall) and everyone has forgotten what happened when Apple got the aerials wrong in the iPhone 5. A marketing disaster adverted and now long forgotten; a phone that you can’t get signal on. Will Samsung overcome their Galaxy 7 battery issue? Of course they will. Loyal clients clouted with some strong marketing and pricing offers always flock back to their favorites.

So what does the new iPhone mean for our industry? Well innovation. Within hours of the new mobile phones launch we saw ‘spam’ emails coming in from overseas suppliers offering a range of iPhone 7 compatible products to bumper cases, power banks and earphone connectors.

Whilst we will stick to our normal suppliers and wait for their official product launches, it’s always interesting to see how fast some of the Far East based suppliers can act. From going without actual product details to a finished product to release within 24 hours has to be have the same drawbacks as an actual mobile phone battery manufacturing or aerial design problem. Something is bound to go wrong at some stage.

And this is the problem with promotional gifts in many ways. It’s easy to buy cheap and get products that aren’t up to scratch quality-wise or will even last long enough to start to build your brand. The products you buy impact your brand and clients buy products to build their brand. It’s a catch-22 problem, ‘chicken and egg’ problem.

At Redbows we work very hard to manage our supply chain and work with the best suppliers in the industry. We have a ‘one strike and you’re out’ policy and this in general has stood us very well over the last 10 years and helped to build our own brand name within the promotional merchandising industry and one of the best mobile phone accessories ranges available.

Written by Dawn Koffler.

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