Promotional Easter Eggs - Make Your Marketing Egg-citing

Published by Jasmin Koffler on 8th February 2016

Promotional Easter Eggs

Every year, Easter provides businesses with a brilliant marketing opportunity. Chocolate is enjoyed by a whopping 95% of the population, and with Easter fast approaching, it is the perfect time to invest in some chocolate based marketing materials.

Since Christmas chocolate supplies are quickly running out, we need a new product to excite our customers with. Promotional Easter Eggs provide the perfect solution. Take advantage of the season that is upon us and hand out promotional Easter eggs to all your customers. Such a sweet and delicious delicacy is sure to be well-received! Plus, the Easter eggs will be decorated with your company logo, so customers are bound to remember exactly who satisfied their chocolate cravings. Personalised Easter Eggs are the perfect way to put a smile on all your customers’ faces.

Easter eggs are enjoyed by all ages, so they make an ideal gift for the holiday. However, there are other tempting treats you can offer customers. At Redbows, we provide a wide range of chocolate Easter treats. Perhaps your customers would prefer a chocolate Easter bunny? These fun shaped treats would be perfect for companies who work with animals or promote animal welfare. Alternatively, you may decide to invest in some 3D Chocolate Easter Puzzles. These unique and exciting gifts will challenge your brain as well as tickle your taste buds. They are ideal if you work with children, possibly in a school, nursery or sports club. However, these items are not restricted to children because they may be enjoyed by the big kids among us too.

Although the percentage of people who dislike chocolate is tiny, we can still cater to the needs of these customers. Why not treat them to their very own promotional Easter mug? Such a useful and thoughtful gift is bound to make your customers happy. Plus, the mug will last much longer than chocolate, and so will be on display in people’s homes and offices all year round. Your brand will receive brilliant exposure, and you will ensure that you can include all your customers in your Easter marketing campaign.

Easter Sunday this year is 27th March. Now is the time to start thinking about promotional Easter gifts which will egg-cite all your customers.

If you need any help deciding on the perfect promotional Easter treats for your company, then contact our friendly sales team on 0800 158 3080. Alternatively, you can email us. We will be more than happy to help.

Written by Dawn Koffler.

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