Artwork And Design Services

Design Studio

Our design team has a state-of-the-art design studio that allows us to take a concept or existing client artwork and turn it into the final imprint for a promotional item. We know that artwork can be one of the hardest things to get right once a promotional gift has been chosen and having the service ‘in-house’ means that we can provide the best possible level of service.

Artwork Services

When you send us your artwork we immediately review it to make sure it complies with our Artwork Guidelines. Where this is not the case we can generally modify your artwork to make sure it will give the best possible reproduction.

There is no charge for a simple modification provided we have the font family used within the artwork on file.

We do however have to make a charge where the work required on the file submitted requires time from one of our graphic designers.

The most commonly charged for service is the creation of a Vector file with the fonts saved as outlines. This is the promotional industry standard for an imprint file. We can generate a Vector file from most other common artwork and design type file formats – see Artwork Guidelines – section 2.

The alternate service we offer is the creation of a new file from whatever artwork or images you can supply. So for example, you can send us a scanned with compliments slip to show a logo and tell us what text you want. Our graphic designers will then create the required file for you. This is a more extensive service.

Once we have converted or created your artwork it is submitted to our print house and they generate an Artwork Proof. Should amendments to this be required they may be charged for depending upon the time required within the Studio.

Design Services

Our Design Studio also provides the services of a full marketing agency in terms of logo and brand development and advertisement creation.

Some promotional products offer a large imprint area (desk pads, mouse mats and wall calendars) and provide an opportunity for a large advertisement for an organisation. Here our Design Studio can generate an artwork layout based on the information and files you provide. All we require is a completed Artwork Brief.

Where an organisation does not have a logo, our Design Studio can also prepare a brand and logo design. Again a completed Artwork Brief is required.

Artwork and Design Service Pricing

The table below lists the charges for the Artwork and Design services provided by Redbows. If you need any further information please contact our Design Studio or your Promotional Gifts Consultant.

Service Price
Artwork – conversion to a Vector file £20
Artwork – creation from scratch of a Vector file £30 per half hour
Artwork – minor amendments to an Artwork Proof £10 per set
Design – artwork layout £30 per half hour (min 30m)
Design – brand creation £60 per hour (min 60m)