Promotional Mugs

When you want your logo to be seen it is a good idea to put it on promotional mugs so that people will use is and carry it around day after day.

Bone China Mugs

Bone China Mugs

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Coffee Cups

Africa Expresso Cups

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Earthenware Mugs

Earthenware Mugs

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Plastic Mugs

Classic Mugs

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Tea Cup Sets

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Travel Mugs

Travel Mugs

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Printed Promotional Mugs – Printing Your Logo On A Personalised Mug

We supply one of the widest ranges of printed mugs and provide a number of services to help you get the right product for your promotion. Each mug offers a selection of options including material and colour choices and print positions which can be a full or part wrap, with a glazed or screen printed imprint. Materials include bone china, ceramic and earthenware, and plastic.

Create an Exceptional Promotional Travel Mug

Do you know how to create an exceptional promotional travel mug to represent your company? It may sound easy but there is actually a lot more to it than you might realize. You could just pick a style and use it for all of your advertising needs. However, if you do this, you’ll miss out on so many of the benefits your company could be enjoying if you make a wise choice. This defeats the purpose of using this item to promote your company.

Before you decide which style would suit your company the best, consider what qualities you would look for if you were the one receiving the gift. This will help you make a good choice so you can choose an exceptional travel mug for all your promotional needs. Here are some of the most important qualities to consider before making a selection.

Special Qualities that Make Travel Mugs Exceptional

While travel mugs are very simple in their basic design, a few special qualities can turn this simple item into an exceptional promotional tool. Look for these things when choosing a style to use for your company’s promotional needs.

Craftsmanship is at the top of the list. Promotional coffee travel mugs need to be of good quality. This item will be used on a regular basis so you want it to hold up to constant use. When you’re trying to make your presence known and draw in new customers, what do you think it says about your company if you give cheaply made mugs as promotional offers? It could give off the impression that quality is not important to your company.

On the other hand, if the products that you offer are well made and durable, this shows that you have an eye for good craftsmanship. It gives off the impression that your company offers good quality products or services because you want the best to represent your company.

One way to determine if the mugs you’re considering using are of good quality is to imagine how it will look after using it for a month, six months or longer. Ask yourself these questions. Will it be easy or hard to keep clean? Is it stain resistant or will coffee and similar beverages leave it stained and looking old after a few uses?

Does the lid fit properly and is it spill proof? There is nothing more annoying than trying to take a sip of your beverage only to have it drip onto your clothing right before a big meeting. This can and will happen when lids don’t fit tightly.

The travel mug should also be multi-purposed. For example, consumers should be able to use them in the office, in the car and anywhere they travel. Choosing an insulated design will keep beverages at their desired temperature for longer periods, so this is a sign of a good quality mug.

It’s important to realize that good quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. There are many excellent designs and durable materials available that are also affordable. You just need to know what to look for when choosing a style. Here are a few more things for you to consider when choosing promotional mugs to represent your company.

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