Witty Phrases for Printed Mugs

Published by Dawn Koffler on 28th June 2013

Printed Mugs

When you purchase promotional items in an effort to promote your school, they do not have to be the same old boring things that everyone else has. In fact, you have a better chance of having those items shown off if they have some kind of witty phrase on them. Not only does your University name get some recognition, it also gets remembered right along with the phrase that was read. You can apply this technique to a variety of items too, so don’t think you have to stick with just one.

Coffee Mugs

There probably is not a University student alive who does not appreciate the value of a good cup of coffee. The key is to get them to drink that cup of coffee from one of your printed coffee mugs. Keep it simple and make the phrase match the use of the coffee cup. You know this is probably how they wake themselves up in the morning and keep themselves awake when they are cramming for a test, so make a play on words using that information. Some examples are below.

“Liquid Motivation”, “Sleep is for the Weak”, “No coffee, no study”, “I can sleep after University”, and any other fun phrases you can come up with.

Stadium Mugs

Of course there are also students who do not drink coffee or who would prefer products that are aimed more at cold drinks than hot ones. Energy drinks and cold coffee can still carry off witty phrases. Try some of the ones offered below or come up with a few of your own.

“Cold coffee…because University students don’t have time to warm it up”

“Do not disturb. University already did.”

“If this cup is empty, it must mean the paper is done”

Another way that you can come up with witty phrase for your promotional mugs is to run a contest through the University itself. This is the perfect way to get students to get involve with promoting the University. You can make this a campus wide competition or section it off to literacy classes or groups. Of course, you also have to provide a prize to the winner. What better way to kick off a promotional campaign than by providing the winner of the contest with a collection of promotional items that they can keep or share with their fellow students? A bit of forethought goes a long way!

Written by Dawn Koffler.

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