How Promotional Gifts Can Ramp Up Your Marketing Campaign

Published by Dawn Koffler on 15th October 2010

Promotional Gifts Pens Sets

Promotional gifts can be used in a number of ways to help an organisation communicate with its customers, suppliers, employees and other key stakeholders. Communication is the key concept to grab onto when we talk about promotional gifts. As an element of the marketing mix, and in particular the sales promotion sub-set, promotional gifts are essentially a communications tool. Just what you want to convey, can be determined by stepping back and reviewing your marketing communications strategy.

Who is your target audience? Generally promotional gifts are given to customers and employees. Often a company will purchase promotional gifts for clients and find that a percentage of the gifts are used by employees. Promotional pens, mugs and fleeces are classic examples of this. When employees use your promotional gifts you know that you have hit the right spot and potentially the right target audience. However, you also need to check, as you do with any product or service sale, with your actual sales clients to ensure that they value and use the promotional gifts being given to them.

What are you communicating? Promotional gifts really do convey brand qualities. It is vital therefore that the gifts you choose for your promotion blend into your corporate culture and reflect the right values. If you want to be seen to be environmentally friendly, then choose eco-themed promotional gifts. If you offer a high value service to clients, choose gifts with a more executive and corporate theme. For example higher value leather promotional coasters or metal executive pen sets, embroidered rather than screen printed logos. In terms of brand development, promotional gifts must enhance your brand these means ensuring that the receivers are totally satisfied – no negative comments.

Where and will your stakeholders use the gifts? An interesting question. Promotional gifts are miniature adverts for your organisation and so you want them to have maximum exposure. This means that you will probably want your gifts to be seen during the working day, in offices, factories and worksites, rather than kept for outside office hours and weekend use – unless these are the times that you want to promote in a more subtle way to your clients. Promotional umbrellas are a classic item for this. Some use during the day but generally whilst traveling – kept in a car boot but seen every weekend?

There are many things to consider when it comes to promotional gifts and how to use them. Get it right and your new business, client retention and brand loyalty can grow exponentially.

Written by Dawn Koffler.

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