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Promotional Easter Eggs - Make Your Marketing Egg-citing

published by Jasmin Koffler on 8th February 2016

Every year, Easter provides businesses with a brilliant marketing opportunity. Chocolate is enjoyed by a whopping 95% of the population, and with Easter fast approaching, it is the perfect time to invest in some chocolate based marketing materials.

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You Want One, Well Have One

published by Dawn Koffler on 4th December 2015

Technology is continues to change our industry and we can now announce the launch of a brand new website dedicated to no minimum order quantity personalised products. That’s right we can now supply a single item, fully personalised with a digital print and at prices that are very competitive for this market place.

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Yearly Planners and Calendars For The New Year

published by Dawn Koffler on 11th November 2015

Christmas is looming, the nights draw in and the hanging baskets start to fade a little, our attention turns to the New Year in our business and planning for a successful new year ahead.

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Why Branded Workwear Works!

published by Dawn Koffler on 6th October 2015

Successful brand recognition is one of the main reasons promotional merchandise is so popular. Getting your brand in-front of those that matter, in a way they won’t forget, is how large businesses achieve brand loyalty. Branded apparel can have a huge impact on any type of business. The opportunity to get your brand seen in front of large crowds is endless.

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It's Never Too Early For Advent Calendars

published by Dawn Koffler on 2nd September 2015

With the last bank holiday for the year now behind us, the feeling over summer slowly start to become a distant memory. The leaves start to fall and the colder, darker months are soon upon us and that ultimately means Christmas is just around the corner and it’s really time to start thinking about how you want to give something back to say thank you this festive period.

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A Sweet Approach To Successful Content Marketing

published by Dawn Koffler on 5th August 2015

Marketing has changed a ton in the last five years. Social media’s power to drive campaign success into uncharted territory has resulted in a massive shift in content marketing. The accessibility of social Media has allowed companies to get their brand out to a large audience of people without even having to spend a penny in the process but going back to basics with promotional gifts, the success rate is still as ever prominent but why?

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Promotional Plants and Seeds That Keep On Giving

published by Dawn Koffler on 18th June 2015

Inspire your client’s and give a promotional gift that will keep on giving. What better method to show your customers that you care than giving a plant based theme which also gives back to the environment. Inspire your client’s on a daily basis and let them watch your gift grow. Everyone remembers who gave them a gift they love.

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Spring Forward With A Golf Challenge For Your Clients

published by Dawn Koffler on 3rd April 2015

With summer fast approaching many golfers are dusting off their clubs and heading onto the courses. Golf is great sport for networking and for companies and organisations, golfing events provide a super branding opportunity. If you are thinking about holding a golfing tournament, here are a key tips from Redbows that could help your event.

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Adding Value Through Bespoke Promotional Goods

published by Dawn Koffler on 27th March 2015

The promotional goods industry is one where standardisation and technology have been applied to smooth processes, on-line ordering and reduce costs. The problem these days is that there is still a need for bespoke goods to meet a specific client brief and marketing campaign.

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Finding The Right Promotional Goods Supplier

published by Dawn Koffler on 28th February 2015

The world of promotional gifts is one where you can buy similar goods from a wide selection of suppliers. In the old days, you would find a promotional gifts supplier through the yellow pages. Today it’s all about the internet, networking and social media marketing.

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