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Corporate Clothing Embroidery Versus Screen Printing

published by Dawn Koffler on 18th August 2014

At Redbows we have a passion for all things promotional and this includes one of our best selling collections – corporate workwear or corporate clothing as it is also sometimes known. Our range is quite extensive and includes T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, coats, baseball caps, trousers, blouses, Oxford shirts, jackets, gloves, scarves and ties…the list is quite staggeringly endless.

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Why Autumn Is The Right Time To Order And Deliver Your Calendars

published by Dawn Koffler on 14th August 2014

So with the nights starting to draw in and the hanging baskets start to fade a little, our attention turns to autumn in our business and what will be the best sellers. What’s strange about the world we live in today, is that, even with all the technology we have to track time and dates, products you can get your hands and eyes on still prove useful. Printed calendars are one exemplar of this.

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Travel in Style With Personalised Printed Bags

published by Dawn Koffler on 7th August 2014

Travel bags are one of those promotional gifts that tick the boxes for longevity and brand enforcement. The quality of the promotional travel bags supplied by Redbows means that they will last for years to come. When personalised with your brand, logo and marketing message, every time they are used the bags reinforce the connection between your company and your clients.

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Marketing Week Live 2014 Is Just Around The Corner

published by Dawn Koffler on 12th May 2014

Marketing Week Live 2014 will soon be upon us (25-26th June, Olympia, London). For those of you that have never visited it is a great experience to put on your to do list. Many of you though will be sure to have attended at some time, last year there were over 13,000 visitors to the exhibition on a daily basis. We are proud to say that we were one of the exhibitors last year and will be again this year. Why not come along to our stand to say hello.

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Easter - A Guide to Promotional Easter Eggs

published by Dawn Koffler on 5th March 2014

Chocolate Easter Eggs are one of the most popular promotional gifts we supply around this time of year. It may be an obvious choice but many people don’t realise the branding opportunities available at Easter from promotional companies like Redbows.

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Promotional Mugs

published by Dawn Koffler on 18th February 2014

Why Using Promotional Mugs Is Good For Your Business

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Valentine's Day Stress

published by Dawn Koffler on 10th February 2014

Share the love this Valentine’s day everyone likes a ‘thank you’. Here’s a few facts about Valentine’s Day you may not have already known.

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January Cold Spell

published by Dawn Koffler on 24th January 2014

It is predicted that the weather is going to turn slightly chilly next week so it is best to be prepared. Even the thought of cold weather makes most of us cringe, maybe not the children as they will be wishing for snow so they can stay off school and go sledging. Here are a few tips to keep you warm:

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January for Fitness

published by Dawn Koffler on 17th January 2014

How are you doing? Most of our resolutions for the start of the year will incorporate one or more fitness campaigns.H ere are what I think are the best forms of exercise and could even benefit you if you don’t already do any, however please do feel free to let me know of any others:

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Happy New Year

published by Dawn Koffler on 8th January 2014

Are you feeling great to be back at work or would you still prefer to be off? The general feedback this year is that many are glad to be back at work. Personally I would have loved another extra week. I was even later than usual (but within the time frame) taking the Xmas decorations down this year and had to do them within 2 hours flat hence there being a few casualty baubles. I hope you have all managed to get your decorations down in time and are now ready to start the year with great gusto.

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