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Easter - A Guide to Promotional Easter Eggs

published by Anonymous on 5th March 2014

Chocolate Easter Eggs are one of the most popular promotional gifts we supply around this time of year. It may be an obvious choice but many people don’t realise the branding opportunities available at Easter from promotional companies like Redbows.

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Promotional Mugs

published by Anonymous on 18th February 2014

Do you want a cuppa?

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Valentine's Day Stress

published by Anonymous on 10th February 2014

Share the love this Valentine’s day everyone likes a thank you.

Posted in Stress Toys

January Cold Spell

published by Anonymous on 24th January 2014

It is predicted that the weather is going to turn slightly chilly next week so it is best to be prepared.

Posted in Drinks

January for Fitness

published by Anonymous on 17th January 2014

How are you doing? Most of our resolutions for the start of the year will incorporate one or more fitness campaigns:

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Happy New Year

published by Anonymous on 8th January 2014

Are you feeling great to be back at work or would you still prefer to be off:

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A Game of Cards

published by Anonymous on 13th December 2013

So today is Friday the 13th. How many of you would prefer not to get up at all and stay in bed all day? Have you had misfortune on a day like today?

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Xmas Promotional Gift Ideas

published by Anonymous on 3rd December 2013

We are now in the 1st week of December. How quickly did that happen! Do you all have your Xmas decorations up or are you awaiting for double digits like me? It is a good job as my husband has decided to touch up our living room thankfully it is not a complete makeover?

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Clients love Calendars

published by Anonymous on 27th November 2013

Are you a desk or a wall calendar person? Do you send out personalised calendars out to your clients, if not why not. This is something I like to receive too. It is extremely effective. What better way to put your logo in front of your customers all year round! This in my opinion is the cheapest form of advertising throughout the year.

Posted in Calendars

Top of the Line Marketing with Unique Flash Drives

published by Dawn Koffler on 12th October 2013

One of the hottest promotional items for many businesses is the flash drive. You may have noticed that there are many different flash drives on the market, but did you know that there were several different styles to choose from when it came to giveaways?

Posted in Flashdrives

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