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Adding Value Through Bespoke Promotional Goods

published by Dawn Koffler on 27th March 2015

The promotional goods industry is one where standardisation and technology have been applied to smooth processes, on-line ordering and reduce costs. The problem these days is that there is still a need for bespoke goods to meet a specific client brief and marketing campaign.

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Finding The Right Promotional Goods Supplier

published by Dawn Koffler on 28th February 2015

The world of promotional gifts is one where you can buy similar goods from a wide selection of suppliers. In the old days, you would find a promotional gifts supplier through the yellow pages. Today it’s all about the internet, networking and social media marketing.

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What Makes Great Marketing?

published by Dawn Koffler on 25th January 2015

The right message, reaching the right audience, and at the right time. Is marketing that simple? At Redbows we believe that marketing should be simply. If it is you reduce all the scientific mumbo jumbo down to its simplest explanation.

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Using Power Banks For Mobile Phone Promotions

published by Dawn Koffler on 13th January 2015

Power Banks are one of the ‘hottest’ products within the promo industry. Power Banks branded with your logo tick all the right boxes when it comes to marketing your company.

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Preparing Your Promotional Marketing For The Year Ahead

published by Dawn Koffler on 27th December 2014

Starting a new year for traditional marketers is all about the Marketing Audit and a review of what went well with last year’s marketing plan. It’s about looking at the Gap Analysis between objectives and results to identify learning opportunities and to review how well your promotional strategy has performed.

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Are You Celebrating Promotional Products Week With Redbows?

published by Dawn Koffler on 11th September 2014

Every year the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) organises an even called Promotional Products Week #PPWeek in celebration of our industry and to help further the message that marketing merchandise works.

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Is It Time To Use A Twitter Hashtag?

published by Dawn Koffler on 3rd September 2014

If you’re looking for that competitive edge when it comes to your next promotion consider printing a campaign related hashtag. Put simply the Hashtag is a simple keyword rich phase with a ‘#’ at the start of it and no spaces. What the hashtag does it help Twitter form an instant index of related Tweets from the entire Twitter universe and user base.

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Using Exhibition Theatres and Seminar Positions To Generate Business

published by Dawn Koffler on 27th August 2014

Many exhibitions feature theatres and seminar venues where you can go along to hear the latest buzz and thinking about an industry topic. This year we exhibited at Marketing Week at London’s Olympia and as you can imagine there were all sorts of specialist marketing subjects from the customer analysis to search engine trends and the use of social media.

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Corporate Clothing Embroidery Versus Screen Printing

published by Dawn Koffler on 18th August 2014

At Redbows we have a passion for all things promotional and this includes one of our best selling collections – corporate workwear or corporate clothing as it is also sometimes known. Our range is quite extensive and includes T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces, coats, baseball caps, trousers, blouses, Oxford shirts, jackets, gloves, scarves and ties…the list is quite staggeringly endless.

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Why Autumn Is The Right Time To Order And Deliver Your Calendars

published by Dawn Koffler on 14th August 2014

So with the nights starting to draw in and the hanging baskets start to fade a little, our attention turns to autumn in our business and what will be the best sellers. What’s strange about the world we live in today, is that, even with all the technology we have to track time and dates, products you can get your hands and eyes on still prove useful. Printed calendars are one exemplar of this.

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